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Bond family from Fannin County, Texas

This is some of what I have on the Bond family of Fannin County, which is my grandfather's parents and siblings.

Charles H. Bond, b. 6 July 1849, Tennessee, son of William W. Bond and Janetta (Ganetta, Jennetter) Neighbors; d. 19 April 1922, Fannin County, Texas, buried Hilger Cemetery; m. 1st. Susana J. Markham, 2nd. Martha J. Nichols.

Wife #1: Susana J. Markham, b. 29 Mar 1851, Arkansas; daughter of Carter Markham and Lucinda Thompson, d. 20 Feb 1892, Fannin County, Texas, buried Hilger Cemetery.


1. Benjamin Moses Bond, b. 30 Oct 1873, Arkansas; d. 11 June 1930, West Columbia, Brazoria County, Texas, buried ; m. Nora Mellissie Timmons.

2. William W. Bond, b. 1874 Arkansas (no further information)

3. Charles M. Bond, b. 1877 Texas (no further information)

4. John Dorris Bond, b. 31 Mar 1878, Texas; d. 11 Mar 1941, Fannin County, Texas, buried IOOF Cemetery, Fannin County; m. Dovie B. Nichols, 1903.

5. George Carter Bond, b. 16 Mar 1880, Wise County, Texas; wife's name Tempie, per World War I draft registration card from Johnston County, Oklahoma.

6. Lou Anne Bond, b. April 1882, Texas; d. 24 July 1935; m. Henry Evans Timmons, brother of Nora Mellissie Timmons, 22 Mar 1902, Fannin County, Texas. Marriage certificate lists her name as Luanna.

7. Marvin Claude Bond, b. 25 May 1885, Fannin County, Texas; d. 4 Dec 1941, Allen Memorial Hospital, Fannin County, Texas, buried IOOF Cemetery, Ravenna, Fannin County, Texas; m. Grace Bostie.

8. Thomas E. Bond, b. 2 Feb 1887, Fannin County, Texas; d. unknown; m. Minnie R. 1902.

9. Martha Ethyl Bond, b. Dec. 1889, Texas. (no other information available)

10. James P. Bond, b. 7 Jan 1892, Texas; d. 15 Feb 1892, Texas. Note: his mother died on 20 Feb, 1892.

Wife #2: Martha J. Nichols, b. 1849, Tennessee; d. 1941, Pontotoc, Johnston County, Oklahoma, buried Pontotoc Cemetery, Johnston County, Oklahoma next to her father, Moses Carroll Nichols. Family lore is that she and Susana (Wife #1) were close friends. Her younger sister married John D. Bond (see above).


1. Alton A. Bond, b. 11 Feb 1894, Fannin County, Texas; d. 25 Sept 1894, Fannin County, Texas, buried Hilger Cemetery, Fannin County.

2. Dovie E. Bond, b. 27 Nov 1894 Fannin County, Texas; d. 4 April 1896, Fannin County, Texas, buried Hilger Cemetery, Fannin County.

3. Henry C. Bond, b. 26 Oct 1895. No further information available.

4. Mary L. Bond, b. March 1897, Fannin County, Texas. I believe this is the Aunt Mary my mother, Josephine Bond Hawk, wrote to for many years. She was married to a doctor and lived in Oklahoma City, to the best of my recollection. On the 1920 Wichita County, Texas census her occupation is listed as "schoolteacher."

5. Dewey S. Bond, b. 1 June 1898, Fannin County, Texas. No other information available.

6. Oatis C. Bond, b. 21 Feb 1900, Fannin County, Texas; d. 25 May 1901, Fannin County, buried Hilger Cemetery.

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