Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surname Saturday: Is this MY Hess Family?

This photo is one I got from the Historical Society Museum in Rooks County, Kansas when I visited there searching for relatives.  I don't know if it's my family, because I have only photos of my grandmother as very old and one of her sister when she was very young.  I'm hoping and wishing someone out there might know - maybe one of my Hess relatives from Cloud County, Kansas. I do think the old lady resembles my grandmother in this photo.

Here's what I do know about my grandmother's family.  Her father, Charles Hess, was born in Ottsveiler, Prussia (Germany)in 1806 and came to the United States to Grant County, Wisconsin.  There he married Margaret Martin, daughter of Augustus Martin and wife Elizabeth, on 28 Oct 1852.  All their children were born in Grant County, except their last: Sarah. Children of this union were:
1. Louise Elizabeth Hess, b. 21 Mar 1854, d. 14 May 1933, Richland County, Wisconsin. She married Absalom James Daughenbaugh 4 May 1873.
2. Anny Isabel Hess, b. 14 Sep 1855.  She married W. Riley Alderman.
3. Martha Jane Hess, my grandmother, and information is available at
4. Charles Alexander Hess, b. 7 Jan 1871, d. 9 Oct 1946 in Cloud County, Ks.  He married Arvilla Resco 31 July 1831.
5. Sarah Margaret Hess, b. 29 Oct 1873 in Iowa, d. 31 May 1898 in Cloud County, Kansas.  She married James Dexter Jenkins, 12 Dec 1892.  She is buried by her parents in Kansas.

My Hess family is shown on the 1880 census in Rooks County, Kansas so this could be my family.  Of course, there are quite a few Hess families in Kansas, so they could belong to some else.  All the Museum knew was the notation on the photo "Mr. Hess and family."