Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandmama Nora Timmons Bond

Today, October 7th, would have been my Grandmama's birthday.  Her 134th! 

This is Grandmama (on the right) with her sister Martha Timmons Roten (Aunt Mattie) on the left.  They were very close and it was a great loss when Aunt Mattie died in 1945.  We have so many letters from Aunt Mattie and Uncle Bill Roten to Grandmama.  Sweet, sweet, caring letters to their "red-headed Sis." 

I chose this photo because it reminds me of the sense of calm I felt around her.  I was so young when she died (only 6), but I have one special memory that has remained with me through the years.  She was standing by the window in the farmhouse living room, and seemed to be looking into the distance through the Venetian blinds. The room was slightly dark because the blinds were closed.  I was curious and couldn't understand how she was seeing anything. I asked her what she was doing. She turned slightly to me and told me "I'm praying." I was made to understand this was her quiet time alone with God and I was not to bother her while she was talking with God.  By that time, she had suffered so many losses: her husband and five of her children.   Yet her faith in God remained strong.  What a loving legacy to leave to her children and grandchildren.