Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Cousin Finder DNA is Done!

So I see it's been a year, an "interesting" year, shall we say, since I wrote on this thing.  Let's let it go at that.

On to the DNA.  Family Tree DNA ( offers autosomal dna testing which shows your origins as well as links to other cousins who have had their automosal DNA test, showing connections usually from 2nd to 4th generation. 

 Here are my results (my origins): (Other testing companies may show other results, as these are based on each company's data.)

  •  38% Western and central  Europe (mostly Germany, I'm guessing, from my Dad's Hawk-Hess)

  • 27% Scandinavia     (I'm clueless, but imagine the Norsemen arriving in Ireland)

  • 23% British Isles     (no surprises here -  Bond-Timmons-Markham-Thompson)

  • 7% Southern Europe  (umm, okay, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece are close to Germany, but clueless again)

  • 5% Middle Eastern      (What? Asia Minor?  - I'm really clueless again - do we see a pattern?)

So where's the Native American that my grandfather supposedly inherited?  Well, we only get 50% of our DNA from each parent, and I don't know which or what 50% each got or I got.  I really need cousins/siblings to test their DNA. (hint-hint) If my grandfather was only 1/8 Choctaw, that wouldn't mean a lot got passed down in any event.  
I haven't had time to connect with any cousins yet, except a Markham one. With that cousin we share sibling great-grandparents.  There are lots of links I need to follow up on, with especially a lot of Thompsons.  That connection is through my Markham grandmother whose mother was named Lucinda Thompson. 

So there's more work to be done.   Thanks for checking in.